The Importance Of Outdoor Sculptures For Your Garden In This Modern World

In recent years sculpture has become a much more prominent art form.
Aside from planting, furniture and all-round maintenance, there are other ways to decorate your garden and bring your outdoor space to life, and that is with sculptures. Sculpture is a great choice – it doesn't need to be monumental, even small works displayed in garden nooks can be a great addition to your outdoor space.
One of the reasons why sculpture has become popular again is because it is much more engaging. Viewing a sculpture is very different than seeing a flat painting hanging on a wall. You can walk around it, look through it, over it or into it. People are also fascinated by how sculpture is created. From the classic statue of David by Michelangelo to the modern art sculptures adorning parks and gardens, a variety of materials are used, portraying a vast range of ideas and images.
Sculptors have moved beyond using stone, wood, marble and bronze. Almost anything and everything can be used to create a work of art. Some artists are now making use of a 3D printer to create what they need for their work.
The importance of sculpture these days, like all art, is to shed new light on these human and world issues by making us think/feel and reflect, consider, empathise, enjoy and even perhaps prompting action through this manipulation of matter in three dimensions and time. Sculpture keeps our culture going and reinforces these values without saying a word by using the language of form, space and time and also influences architecture.
Once you've got your new sculpture, you'll need to decide where to position it. You need to consider the size of both the sculpture and your space, the angle from which you and your guests will view it, and where the sunlight will catch it at different times of day or year. Follow this advice depending on the size of your garden:
1. If you've got a large garden, bigger pieces can be placed in the centre of your lawn or amongst foliage to break up your planted borders and bring them to life.
2. For less spacious gardens, small sculptures nestled amongst flower beds can surprise and delight viewers, or can be used to draw attention to interesting design features if placed within wall nooks or archways.
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